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  • Dette event har allerede funnet sted.

Arne Næss Symposium 2022 – Day 2

26. august @ 10:00 12:30

Green Frontiers Festival and the Zapffe Prize ceremony.

Illustrasjon: Arne Næss-symposiet


  • Student event
  • The Zapffe Prize ceremony


About the 2022 Symposium

Day 1: 25 August: Gamle Festsal, 18.00-20.00 
Day 2: 26 August: Georg Sverdrups Hus, Blindern, 10.00-12.30

It is sometimes said that fiction and scholarship complement one another in throwing light on the nature of the challenges of our time. The aim of the 2022 Symposium is to show how the synergy of creative arts and scholarly perspectives can enrich our understanding of authoritarian threats as a stumbling block to a socio-environmental change.

Read more about the Zapffe Prize

Read more about the Arne Næss Programme


Universitetet i Oslo (UiO)


Georg Sverdrups hus

Moltke Moes vei 39
Oslo, Norge
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