onsdag, april 1, 2020

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Is there a link between land rights and urbanization?

24. februar @ 18:00 - 20:00

The event is a collaboration with Habitat Norway with funding from FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development

For all people, the right to land is the foundation for security, shelter and livelihood. In half of the countries in the world, women are unable to assert equal land and property rights. Although progress has been made in several African countries, patriarchal land ownership systems in many countries mean that women are often dependent on men to access land, even when legal protection is in place. As land rights play a crucial role in inclusive growth and development, what are the consequences of women missing out? And what can be done to make sure the law is being upheld?

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and people move from the rural to the urban areas daily. This rapid urbanization is especially evident on the African continent, with sub-Saharan Africa regarded as the world’s fastest urbanizing region. From being seen as an economic and social ill, many now agree that urbanization can drive growth and development if managed right. In Africa, cities will drive the continent’s economic growth and help reduce poverty. However, the increased populations stress limited infrastructure and services such as housing, health, education and employment.

What is the connection between land rights and urbanization? How can African countries use land right policies to ensure inclusive growth and efficient urbanization?

Debate followed by a screening of the film «Perween Rahman – the Rebel Optimist»

Nana Ama Yirrah, founder and executive director of COLANDEF. COLANDEF an NGO based in Ghana that works to achieve land tenure security. As a land economist, development policy analyst and gender specialist Yirrah has spent over 24 years delivering interventions to support land and natural resource governance and securing women’s land rights.

Eugene Chigbu, scientific researcher and lecturer and chair of Land Management at Technische Universität München. He is currently the co-Chair of the International Research and Training Cluster of the Global Land Tool Network (of UN-Habitat).

Helge Onsrud, has been the Director for the Centre for Property Rights and Development Company, Norwegian Mapping Authority, for 22 years where he has worked on foreign aid in relation to land rights, land registration and mapping.

Moderator for the event will be director of the Norwegian Council for Africa, Aurora Nereid.


24. februar
18:00 - 20:00
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Fellesrådet for Afrika


Cinemateket Trondheim
Kjøpmannsgata 48 Trondheim 7011 + Google Map

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