torsdag, oktober 28, 2021
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Norfund-konferansen 2021

31. august @ 11:30 15:00

The need for more and better jobs to combat poverty has been exacerbated by the pandemic crisis. Two months ahead of COP26, we are also at a critical juncture to stop the longer-term climate crisis.

Illustrasjonsfoto: Norfund

Developing countries are hit hard by the pandemic and the effect on employment and economies will be deep and long lasting. Already before the pandemic, more than 10 million African youth were entering the labour force, while only 3 million formal jobs were created – every year. Now that gap is even greater. 

  • What will it take to protect and create and protect jobs at speed and scale in developing countries? And where will the jobs come from? 
  • What role will development finance take in bridging the financing gap for job creation and rebuilding economies? 

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